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Born Linda Marie Cassells, my named changed over the years. I was called Miki in high school by close friends. My name was changed to Charity while a member of the Children of God in the 70's and then changed to Caridad, while living in Costa Rica. I began writing this Memoir In June 2010. I invite you to join me in the writing, editing, publishing and marketing journey.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Waiting to Give Birth


From Tears to Triumph, My Journey to The House of Hope

I definitely see a correlation between waiting for a book to be published and waiting for a child to be born.

I've been in Santa Rosa this week with my 21-year-old daughter, Patricia, as we wait for her contractions to start and for her first child, Laila, to come into the world. In those moments when I'm not hanging out with Patricia, bonding, laughing, shopping, walking and planning, I'm on my laptop editing and polishing the final chapters of my book.

I started seeing a correlation. 

* Laila is overdue. We all feel she "should have been here by now."

* I expected to have my book finished and published by now…"it feels like it's overdue."

* Every morning I receive calls, emails and text messages from loved ones asking, "Is there a baby yet?"

* Frequently on my Facebook page or in conversations with friends I hear, "Isn't the book ready yet?"

* Patricia is listening to others and researching natural ways to speed up the birthing process--with no luck. As her doctor says, "The baby will come when she's ready."

* I've also looked for ways to "hurry up" the editing and polishing process...but the experts tell me to, "slow down."  

We both have to be patient and let the creative process happen.

* Patricia and Melchor’s baby has a beautiful name.  They thought about names for months, trying out different ones, and then came up with “Laila Daniley.”

* I’ve thought about names for my book for years. At first it was, “Dear Mom and Dad.” Then it became, “Dear Mom and Dad, Please Send Money,” followed by “House of Hope, Love Without Borders,” and then Unstoppable, My Journey to The House of Hope. The most recent book title is, From Tears to Triumph, My Journey to The House of Hope.


And so it continues. There is no hurrying up the process.  I do believe that what is worth having is worth working on and waiting for… but even so…hurry up already, Laila!








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  1. Very true that is very cute and sooo true ... she will be here when she wants to without anyone else's say so. But she will definetly be here before your book is ready although you are almost done. Can't wait!

    _Patricia Ruiz