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Born Linda Marie Cassells, my named changed over the years. I was called Miki in high school by close friends. My name was changed to Charity while a member of the Children of God in the 70's and then changed to Caridad, while living in Costa Rica. I began writing this Memoir In June 2010. I invite you to join me in the writing, editing, publishing and marketing journey.

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's a Memoir

Dear  Mom and Dad, Please Send Money, is a memoir based on events in my life from early years to May, 1976.  Mentioned in the book are my parents, Veda and Ernie Cassells, my 5 siblings, Jim, Marsha, Veda, Ernie Jr, and Ron, along with my niece Ruthie, and nephews Ron and Don.  My brother-in-law Paul is there, along with my baby nephew (at the time) Damian.

My girlfriends Debi and Karen played a part in my growing up so they are of course included.  And I mention the Redwood Valley Community Church and give an explanation of Jim Jones and The People's Temple, that was built in my home town, Redwood Valley.

Life was awesome in Redwood Valley. At age 16,  Debi and I went to work a summer in Lake Tahoe, where we met a couple of cute guys and fell in love.  A few months later, back home in the Valley, two FBI agents were standing at my front door.


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