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Born Linda Marie Cassells, my named changed over the years. I was called Miki in high school by close friends. My name was changed to Charity while a member of the Children of God in the 70's and then changed to Caridad, while living in Costa Rica. I began writing this Memoir In June 2010. I invite you to join me in the writing, editing, publishing and marketing journey.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Welcome to Dear Mom and Dad, Please Send Money.  I was halfway through writing the manuscript and struggling for a title. I had at first thought to call this memoir just, "Dear Mom and Dad."  However friends and loved ones felt it needed something else attached to that title.  One day Hank (my very significant other) and I were driving down Hwy. 80 discussing different book titles when I noticed a country song on the radio. "Listen!" said I, turning up the volume.  Sugarland was singing their song, Baby Girl, which includes the lyrics "Dear Mom and Dad, Please Send Money." 
"That's it!" I said. "That's perfect for my book title." And here we are.  I am not an author. I am a woman with a story to tell, and I welcome you.


  1. Linda, Can't wait to see different excerpts and to finally read the book when it is published. You will be the first author that I can boast about knowing personally. Love the title. Bethy

  2. I enjoy reading this. Thank you.